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These Crazy Times!

With a tip of the hat to Charles Dickens, this is the best of times, this is the worst of times. So goes my mantra, or at least one of them. Which will I focus on? Will I wrench my hands, gnash my teeth & break my heart about the awful turn of events in the world these days? Oh, I easily could!

Should I think of my old dog Spanky, who,unless he was caught rummaging in the garbage, always looked me with pure joy in his eyes, picture a warm, sunny day on the beach or replay in my head the sound of a child’s gleeful laughter? Ahhh, doesn’t this feel much nicer?

Sure, external events are constantly at play, but how I respond to those events are my choice, and mine alone. Practices that I’ve been doing for years are paying off, helping me to remain in the now moment (for the most part, not always!), or return there more easily.

After the last post, I was thinking of writing next about Living and Dying, but that may be for another day. Today, it’s about finding my deeper self when I feel disconnected, restless, and unsure. Softening my inner critic and remembering to be gentle with myself becomes easier & easier the more I allow it.

The rough becomes smoother, the flow becomes more natural, and the ride fits better as I release resistance. I can sit and repeat to myself, “Release, relax, let go” with some slow, deep breaths which help me reach deep into my loving, center self. “Love peace, love peace...” is another…they reduce tension.

When I am relaxed, I find it easier to resolve conflict with more of a win/win approach, I"m more able to let things unfold on their own timeline and I’m quicker to let go of what does not serve me, since I can’t please everyone.

I also recall a part of the safety speech given just before takeoff, “Put your own mask on first before you help another”. There’s a reason for that instruction.

If I can’t properly take care of myself, I’m no good to all those who depend on me. And that would suck! I like being my best for them, and I’m slowly learning how to be, more & more each day by living with appreciation and gratitude.

With Peace & Light,


ps, I"m starting another 5 week Qi Gong class & Dean and I will be facilitating another Aging by Design workshop in Troutdale at end of April. Registration info coming soon.

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