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 Why Coaching?  What is Coaching? 

Working with a Holistic Coach can help you untangle issues that have you feeling stuck. It's a good way to determine the best next step, how to prioritize, or answer other looming questions you may be grappling with.

A Coach partners with you to help you explore what it is you want & create a plan for how to achieve it. As your Coach, I will listen, hold space for you, ask you deep questions and help you to create what it is you wish for.   

As a Holistic Coach, I tap into my intuition while allowing you to lead the way during our sessions. I utilize a variety of tools depending on your style and needs. Together we explore ways to make your goals attainable. I do not judge, I do not reprimand, I support!

Please read my Coach Agreement & contact me to set up an initial FREE session, which will help us both determine if coaching is right for you & if we're a good match. 

I can help you Find Your Wings! 

30 Minute Coaching Session for $45

 45 Minute Coaching Session for $60 

Email me or call at 503.927.0024 to schedule a time to get started. 

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