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 "If you're lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you're really lucky, your healing will come in a form you've not even dreamed of - One the the Universe specifically had in mind for you."

- Dr. Eric Pearl

Your Personal Reconnection®

The Personal Reconnection utilizes the frequencies of Reconnective Healing, but is very precise and differs in its application.​  

•It is a focused formation, reconnecting the grid work of your body to the ley lines of our planet, and Reconnecting these grids to the universal grid in all dimensions of time and space.

•In your Personal Reconnection, you are reconnecting to a timeless system of intelligence, your master vibration and your evolution.  

•You are actively choosing to access all that you have learned throughout your lifetimes, in this dimension, and beyond.  

•It is an ongoing process, and it will continue to unfold as you begin to make new choices on your life path, moving into your Life Progress.

•Many who have experienced their Personal Reconnection simply say, “Life is… easier”.   

The Reconnection consists of two sessions, generally 45 minutes to an hour each, ideally on consecutive or alternative days, no longer than 72 hours apart.

The Personal Reconnection is facilitated once in a lifetime.

Please note - While it is not required, it is suggested that you experience one to 3 Reconnective Healing sessions prior to The Reconnection.

The Personal Reconnection

•Fees - Your Personal Reconnection is $333 which is a standard fee.

Email me or call me at 503.683.3129 to schedule times for this marvelous procedure.

Please click the Paypal button to purchase. Thank you. 

Disclaimer: Barbara Solomon, RN (retired), LAc, Reconnection- Certified Practitioner, makes no promises, guarantees, representations or warranties regarding medical diagnosis and or medical treatment and is not diagnosing or treating specific health challenges with The Reconnection and encourages each person to take full responsibility for their own health care needs. For more information, visit

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