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How to Be? It's not hard, it's inspiring!

Updated: Apr 24

Do I have anything worthwhile to share today? Not sure, but let’s see what crops up…I recently attended an Abraham Hicks seminar and found it very inspiring! Inspire – what an interesting word. Some definition’s: “to effect, move, or guide by divine or supernatural influence”, “To stimulate to action; motivate”, “To cause (someone), or be the cause, towards a particular feeling; affect or touch”. Some archaic meanings: “to breathe or blow into or upon: to infuse (something, such as life) by breathing … inspired into him an active soul …Wisdom of Solomon 15:11”. And, of course, “to inhale”. To me, in some ways all these meanings are similar. They suggest an action that creates a sense of lightness; a movement towards something that is wispier, flimsier, and more buoyant than we are. Something that is kind of airy, both physically and energetically. So, what to do with this inspiration? How can I lighten my load, and the load of others around me? First, I think, by listening with an open heart. Not thinking of what I’m going to say next, just listen! Absorb what is being said without trying to “fix” it (hard for me, for sure!). Just “be” with someone. We are human be-ings after all; we are called that for a reason. Yet, I find it hard to just “Be” at times. And what does it even mean? For me, it’s sitting quietly and opening, merging & accepting, with what brings me joy; thinking of things that offer delight and satisfaction. Allowing myself to feel unconditional love, maybe hearing a child’s gleeful laughter or placing myself on a warm beach; I’m just filling me up, full of “good stuff”. Connecting with what Created me. Then, I’m ready to continue on with my day with a feeling of peace, strength and assuredness inside & slightly behind me. It’s like it’s carrying me. I’m able to call on it when things feel “twingy”. If something gets out of whack, that’s OK, my armor is on and protecting me. I know it will all turn out OK, no matter what. That is such a nice feeling, comfortable and sure. It makes taking the time to reflect, to just “be”, worth it, the payoff is huge! Thank you all, if you have any interest in this… With Peace, Light & Love, Barbara Oh, if anyone is interested in finding out more about Reconnective Healing, I’m assisting at a presentation at New Renaissance Bookshop, NW 13th, on 7/18 from 4 – 5 PM. Thanks

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