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Chinese medicine, sometimes referred to as Traditional East Asian Medicine (TEAM) originated in Asia thousand of years ago. It consists of a variety of different styles that are all based on the concept of Qi, a force that travels through our bodies and gives us life. In fact, it's believed that Qi is both mass, when compacted, and energy, when dispersed.  

Chinese medicine also teaches that all things are interconnected and our bodies are a tiny ecosystem, with the parts equaling the whole and all interdependent on each other. The goal is to bring about balance, thus allowing the body to heal. 

I use acupuncture, cupping, tui na, gua sha, moxa, and nutritional & lifestyle considerations when helping a client find a return to balance or maintain balance. I can do a reflexology session with you. I collaborate with and refer to other practitioners when appropriate.  

I am a certified Qi Gong instructor and can assist you to learn a routine that will benefit you. 

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