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All of these treatments can help with back pain, muscle pain, joint pain, stress, insomnia, chronic fatigue, stomach and intestine and urinary problems, menstrual pain and to maintain good health.

I offer Reflexology,

- Body work that uses deep pressure and stimulation on the feet, ankle area and lower legs. It activates points that "reflect" organ systems and body areas. It is very relaxing yet invigorating. 

 Gua Sha

- Using a rounded edge device such as a porcelain spoon to rub quickly over lubricated skin. This releases stagnation and heat and restores circulation of Qi. Very helpful for tight muscles or aches & pains from the flu. Sometimes called "spooning".

Moxa- Burning herb that is used to heat an area to increase circulation and decrease pain. It is believed that moxa predates acupuncture treatment of the meridians. Looks like a cigar. Feels Wonderful on Painful Areas!

 Cupping - uses specialized   cups that are applied to to   relieve stagnation and   increase circulation of Qi. It   can be used for respiratory   problems or for tight   muscles. 

Auricular Acupuncture - Placing needles or small seeds (on a piece of adhesive) on points in the ear that represent body organs or areas. These can remain in place and will continue to give relief by gentle stimulation after a treatment session.

Asian Bodywork - Tui na (pronounced "twee na")  

- Body work that includes Chinese massage, stimulation of acupoints, grasping, rolling & kneading of tender muscles.

Sotai - an effective Japanese style that uses rolling and gentle movement towards area of comfort and away from pain. 

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