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Blame, choices and how do I want to feel?

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

A friend was telling me how her ex was lamenting that everything wrong in his life was her fault. It’s so easy to blame someone for our unhappiness…it’s not easy to take action to change things. It’s a tough decision. Do I continue in my misery or step into the unknown? We all have choices, even when we feel limited by the options available. I, like so many today, am very discouraged to think about what’s happening with our democracy and the state of our governing bodies. It’s easy to get angry and blame those "Washington folks we love to hate"…it’s all their fault, right? But, as I mentioned to my friend, when we blame, we give away our power. Chronic blame is a waste of energy, a reason to wallow and remain stuck. It’s a drain on potential. And (most importantly) a guarantee that we’ll continue to feel badly. When I’m trapped in the blame mind set, it’s very hard to move forward. If I can turn blame into positive action, that can be a powerful stepping stone towards satisfaction. Accomplishment. Purpose. I don’t mean shooting Republicans at baseball practice because "they’ve screwed me"…that’s not positive action. I mean working on myself within. Even if it’s a struggle to connect with the deeper me, even if it’s only for 5 minutes a day, I have to take the time to find my Light within. To connect with what some call God, Source, Creator, or the dao. I don’t care what it’s called; I care how it feels. Pure Bliss! Love and being loved. I listen to the whispers that come through. This helps to guide me towards the next steps to take. It offers me the knowledge and understanding that I have the ability to be my own happiness. No matter what’s happening in the world of politics, culture or even the weather. If the world’s going to hell in a handbasket, do I want to feel terrible or do I want to feel good? I can still be an activist, make a difference in things that matter to me and not have to feel stressed all the time. I needn’t harbor anger, I can use that anger energy to create something positive and move towards peace. I would rather feel relief and contentment than be angry and seething. I’ve done enough of both to know which feels better! Some may think this is an unrealistic Pollyanna view. Perhaps, but it’s one I prefer. As I mentioned in an earlier post, it can be the best of times or the worst of times, and it’s probably both. I get to choose which I focus on. With Love & Light, Barbara

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