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My First Posting!!

Greetings Fellow Seekers,

It was suggeted a couple weeks ago that I write my perspectives on how I (try to) Live My Truth, share the ways I maintain my balance and why, so many years into this existance, I am finally so very, very happy.

How do I do it? Well, I've taken lots of baby steps, that's for sure! Each has built upon the other...and there have been more than a few times when I've tumbled backwards; gone far down into the darkness.

But hidden way inside my core, there's a beam of light that calls to me. Wants me. Teases me.

And connecting to this light helps me understand that we do not stop at the end of our fingers or toes...there is an energetic field that permeates us all and connects to the cosmos in a way we can't fathom with our minds but have a deep knowning with our hearts.

And when I began to allow this vibrational field to carry me, as it's meant to do, and stopped fighting against it, like I often did, I began to live a life of unbelievable peace, healing and harmony.

I look forward to writing again soon, sharing more details of the methods I use to find balance, and responding to your comments. Share your questions and ideas here, please.

With Peace & Light, Barbara

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