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I'm not that different, really.

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

For a while I set appointment times on my calendar to be reminded of how many things I have to feel grateful for & how lucky I am. Now, I can more naturally find ways to remember this, and engage my whole being in the feeling, allowing it to become a visceral response.

This seems to help it be more than just an activity; it becomes part of my internal landscape, my energetic makeup. During these moments of revelation, I don’t rush through it, but take time to “try it on”, like I’m trying on a new set of clothing.

I allow myself time to fully experience what it feels like to Revel in Peace, Joy, Unconditional Love (so powerful!), Contentment.

My body becomes familiar with what it is like to be relaxed, calm and fully supported by a force stronger than itself. This is becoming more my normal state, yet I continue to reinforce it as often as possible.

Oh, things still don’t always work out as I plan, but when that happens, I find I don’t have knee jerk reactions like I was prone to do in the past. I can sit with something and ponder the best approach, not assume the worst, and try to take varying perspectives. I ask my deeper self the best next step and often find the response makes sense.

For me, actively altering my physical apparatus from being tense, vigilant and wary to relaxed, open and allowing has helped me to be able to live from a happier place. Find more satisfaction and joy. Be more mindful of the Now. It’s really not hard to do; the hardest thing is remembering…which is why I set my calendar.

The good news is there's nothing really that different about me, if I can do it, anyone can!

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